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Setting up AIM MXL Dash with Modular ECUs

April 08, 2018


For ease of setting up the AIM series of dahes, the Adaptronic Modular ECU can output natively in the AIM serial protocol.

This can be done on either the CON port or the serial OUT port, both at the front of the ECU.

To make the connection, simply connect the TX pin from the connector to the RX data pin on the dash (pin 6 on the dash).



The TX pin on the connector is the top-right when looking into the front of the ECU.



The channels output are as follows:

Every 80 ms:

  • 1 RPM
  • 5 Vehicle speed
  • 45 Overall throttle position
  • 69 Manifold absolute / gauge pressure
  • 9 Oil pressure
  • 21 Fuel pressure
  • 105 Lambda

Every 560 ms:

  • 13 Oil Temp
  • 17 Coolant temp
  • 33 12V supply
  • 97 Air temp
  • 101 EGT 1
  • 109 Fuel temp
  • 113 Gear selected

In the AIM software, you must (a) select the ECU manufacturer as AIM, and (b) the protocol as Prot_UART.



(c) Select the RPM signal, speed and gear signal as coming from the ECU.



In the Eugene software, the output type for the port you choose must be set. To do this open Eugene software and (a) click on “Functions” tab. (b) Go to Serial Comms panel then select Serial OUT. (c) Set AIM Serial as the connection and (d) Output boost as either MAP or MGP. If you want to display boost on the dash instead of MAP, then you will need to select MGP in the software option. Unfortunately the dash does not support having different units depending on whether the value is positive or negative, so if you choose units of boost as PSI then vacuum will also be in PSI.



Thank you and happy learning!