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Neil Streeting

April 08, 2018

My name is Neil Streeting. I have had the pleasure now of using the Adaptronic product in three different types of vehicles and the end result in all cases have turned out superb.

Those vehicle engine types are:

  • Toyota 1UZFE V8
  • Mitsubishi 4G63 EVO3
  • Honda K24a

I first heard of the Adaptronic product though a close friend who is an electronics whizz and used to work for Haltech for a few years. He told me that after looking at the specs of this product it had everything that I was looking for and more. Given that I had complete confidence in his advice I made contact with the company. That is a decision that has proved to be very fruitful for my business as I don’t have reliability issues with the product, for any of my customers and that in it self is a blessing not like some of the other products that I have used in the past.

I have had a great deal of pleasure working with the whole team at Adaptronic they are all (no exceptions) extremely friendly and helpful with any questions that I might have. This is now unfortunately something that is very rare when dealing with electronics manufacturers. Andy knows the product inside out and is always looking at improvements that can be implemented. When I asked him did he have a system that suited the Honda K24 his reply was not yet but would be happy to come out to my workshop to check out the engine and take sensor references so he could start on the software for me. I was very impressed. But I have now learned to expect nothing less from Andy and the team; that’s what they do.

I really like the ease with which the product can be tuned: it is very user friendly. Andy and the team at Adaptronic in my opinion are one of the most professional businesses that I have ever dealt with, and I have been in business for 30 years!

Neil Streeting

Race Car Replica builder, Street and Track Pty Ltd, Sydney (Australia)