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Robby Mounfield of Federal Tyres Motorsport

April 08, 2018

Owner Robby Mounfield
Location Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Car Type R34 Nissan Skyline
ECU E440 Universal Select ECU
Application Drift car, that can hold its own on a race track, and lay the numbers at the drags
Engine Type: 2JZ GTE
Aspiration Garrett GTX35R 1.02 Rear, 600x300x76mm cooler, custom SILKE FAB alloy pipework
Boost 28 psi
Fuel System 2x Bosch 044, and Carter black lift pump. Aftermarket Industries Race Surge Tank, Alloy hardline full fuel system, Turbosmart 1200 Fuel Reg, ID1000 Injectors with BBP Fuel Rail.
Engine Modifications, Internal COMPLETE engine build by FATAZ Engines. 40thou over CP Pistons with Manley Rods.Balanced and blue printed. Extensive portwork on the head, Brian Cower springs, Ferrerra valves
Engine Modifications, External 6Boost EXT Manifold. Turbosmart 50mm Gate.
Exhaust 3 ½” Silke Fab custom dump pipe, into 3 ½” system splitting into twin 4”
Instrumentation Race Technology Dash 2, with data logger
Other Modifications Cromolly Tube Front, Tubbed Front, Full Extensive Roll Cage, v8 Supercar Air Jacks, Bride Seats, Complete Cartel Australia Driftworks suspension components. GTT- ZTune GTR Conversion
Tuner Bradley @ Turning Point Technology
Power 510kw/685hp
Racing Results 11.8 @136.2mph
Why did you choose Adaptronic Before my tuner was my tuner, we spoke of the proposed build of this car, and Bradleys push for the car to have all the features we have now would be to use Adaptronic!

Adaptronic R34

Adaptronic R34

Adaptronic R34

Adaptronic R34 Engine Bay

Adaptronic R34 ECU Wiring

Adaptronic R34 Dyno Graph