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eMOD013 Adaptronic Modular Plug-in ECU for Mazda RX8 S1 (Standalone)

*Includes 10% GST

A direct, standalone Plug'n'Play ECU for the Series 1 Mazda RX8.

Adaptronic Modular ECUs offer more control and greater flexibility for the tuners while maintaining their excellent value-for-money.

Please take note that the second version of the ECU will support the following:

  • Cruise control
  • Traction control (DSC)

Cruise and traction control will later be supported through a firmware update on the first version units.


Factory O2 sensors are not supported.


For additional information on how to install features on the S1 Mazda RX8 please refer to the: ADAPTRONIC S1 MAZDA RX8 HOW TO PAGE

What's in the box?


    • Engine control unit
    • USB (tuning) cable
    • 1GB USB Stick
    • Adaptronic stickers


General Features


  • Modular system, so that people can buy hardware upgrades later as their needs develop (eg additional inputs, outputs, or specific functions, eg drive by wire or built-in lambda)
  • Built-in Oscilloscope; to aid in external hardware & wiring faults etc
  • Built in Simulator to test ecu logic & input/outputs without engine running
  • Maximum output of 22 (8 ignition, 8 injector, 4 auxiliary, tacho and fuel pump)
  • Full Sequential Fuel & Ignition Control- Direct fire capable( 4 individual coils on a 2 rotor, up to 8 total-will run a 20B, 4 Rotor, 4/6/8 cylinder properly), and Individual Rotor/Cylinder Injector Trim( individual control up to 8 injectors)
  • 3 axis accelerometer (G sensor) and rate gyro
  • OMP, OEM DBW Throttle Body & Stock Fan Control
  • Fast USB communication, requiring no drivers
  • Headphone port for listening to the knock sensor while tuning
  • 32MB of onboard logging to flash
  • Tested to MIL-STD-202G, a military vibration standard, which varies the frequency and peaks at 7.5g of oscillating acceleration


Features / Specifications


Variable Number Details
Analogue 0-5V inputs 11 Each is 0 – 5.5V, 55k input impedance


  • 2 x TPS / pedal position
  • 6 x pressure – Oil, Fuel, Internal intake MAP, internal exhaust MAP, external intake MAP, external exhaust MAP
  • 3 x spare for servo feedback / external inputs
Analogue oxygen sensor inputs 2 Each can be either:


  • 0 – 5.5V, 55k input impedance
  • 0- 3.3V, 1M input impedance
Temperature inputs 4 Each is 0 – 5.5V, 55k input impedance to ground
Each can be:


  • Non-biased, eg in piggyback mode. Calibration is in mV
  • Biased, calibration is in Ohms. 3 internal pull-ups, 1k5, 2k2, 4k7, automatically selected by the ECU

Manifold air temperature, coolant temperature, oil temperature, fuel temperature

Crank trigger inputs 3
  • Selectable 2k2 pullup (on in digital mode, off in reluctor mode)
  • Variable voltage trigger threshold from 0 to 65V – either arm input for reluctor or threshold for digital input
  • AC coupled zero crossing trigger in reluctor mode
  • Variable filtering 1 to 192 µs
  • See built-in scope section
Vehicle speed input 1
  • Selectable 2k2 pullup
  • Variable voltage trigger threshold from 0 to 65V
  • Variable filtering 1 to 192 µs
  • See built-in scope section
Sensor power and ground
  • 5V regulated output for sensors, max 100 mA, current limited (voltage is monitored by ECU)
  • Sensor ground connected to ground inside ECU under firmware control to detect external ground loops in the wiring (voltage is monitored by ECU)
Knock input 1
  • 50 k input impedance
  • Sampled at 80 kHz (12-bit resolution, 3.3V peak to peak max voltage),
  • Variable second order highpass and lowpass filters
  • Selectable start and end of sampling windows (in crank angle)
Wired Outputs 2
  • Dedicated outputs for tacho and EFI relay/Fuel pump
  • Tacho output has inductor to generate back-EMF spike for impulse tachometers.
  • EFI relay output can be configured as fuel pump or EFI relay. Switches to ground, current limited to 600 mA
Headphone output 1 Mono output, can be selected as direct knock input or filtered knock input
Power sources 3 ECU can be powered by 12V EFI input, ignition switch, or USB (USB for settings / firmware upgrades / log retrieval only; 12V must be applied to read inputs)
CAN channel 1
  • Up to 1 Mbps
  • Internal 120 Ohm terminating resistor can be turned on and off with ECU setting on each channel
USB connection 1
  • Standard USB mini AB connector.
  • 12 Mbps max speed
  • USB appears as mass storage device (USB stick); no drivers are necessary
  • Software installer included on mass storage device
Serial connections 4
  • All 4 use 4-pin Molex connectors
  • 2 x serial in (ground, transmit, receive)
  • 1 x serial out (ground, transmit, receive)
  • 1 x controller out (ground, transmit, receive and 12V switched, current limited power) – eg for dash, hand controller

    Inbuilt sensors
    • Microphone
    • 3 axis accelerometer
    • 3 axis rate gyro
    Inbuilt logging 32 MB
    • Max 30 hrs @ 10 Hz, 13 channels
    • Min 20 mins @ 100 Hz, 125 channels
    Exception (fault) detection 16 MB Separate logging memory for storing logs during “exceptions” (sensor / trigger faults etc)
    Built-in scope 4 channels
    • Max sample rate 200 kHz (5µs sample period)
    • 1000 samples per screen (min 5ms across the screen)
    • Analogue trigger inputs sampled at 40 kHz

    Channels include

    • Analogue CAS inputs
    • Peak detected CAS voltages
    • CAS threshold voltages
    • Filtered CAS inputs
    • Analogue external inputs
    • Raw and filtered knock waveforms
    • Current engine angle
    • Calibrated input values
    • Intermediate calculation values
    • Output calculated values
    Main loop execution speed Variable depending on tuning mode and corrections enabled, 400 Hz nominal


    Number of injector outputs 8
    • Switching topology for low heating
    • Peak and hold current waveforms
    • Programmable peak and hold current
    • Max current per channel 4A continuous
    • Nominal current per channel 1A
    • Unused injector outputs can be configured as auxiliary outputs, PWM capable, but only switching to ground
    • Output voltage and current monitored
    Number of ignition outputs 8
    • Appears as a 470 Ohm to supply when high, short to ground when low
    • Current limited output
    • Unused injector outputs can be configured as auxiliary outputs, PWM capable, but only switching to ground, and only low current
    • Voltage and current monitored
    Number of aux outputs 4
    • Push-pull outputs (can drive high or low)
    • High side current limited to 1.2A
    • Low side current up to 4A continuous
    • Can be PWM but not engine synchronous
    • Voltage and current monitored
    Hardware upgrades 2
    • Small Modules ( analogue input, real – time input and output module)