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About Us

What’s so special about Adaptronic?

At Adaptronic, we have several policies which make our ECUs different from the rest:

  1. A commitment to using OEM triggering systems where possible. Not only does this make installation easier than an installation involving sensor modification, but makes the system overall more reliable due to fewer modifications.
  2. A commitment to adaptive behaviour:  Adaptronic ECUs can “self learn” under the correct conditions. Depending on the ECU model, this can include fuel tuning, idle air quantity and transient throttle settings.
  3. “Whole car” attitude: At Adaptronic we recognise that the ECU is part of a much larger system. Therefore, installation and setup requires knowledge of the rest of the EFI system on the car, such as factory trigger systems, ignition controllers and so on. We recognise this and have a database of vehicle and engine specific information based on years of experience. 

Adaptronic “Firsts” and Awards

Since Adaptronic’s inception in late 2003, we have been a market leader in bringing features, performance and innovation within the reach of the modified car enthusiast:

  1. First cost effective adaptive fuel ECU – e420b, Dec 2003
  2. First ECU to trigger directly from Suzuki Swift GTi – e420b, Jan 2005
  3. First cost effective ECU with 2 x closed loop VVT – e420c, Oct 2006
  4. First plugin ECU for Suzuki Swift GTI – e420c, June 2007
  5. First and only element based, graphically configurable ECU – e1280s, May 2009 – for ultimate configurability
  6. First ECU with headphone output for listening to knock – e1280s, May 2009
  7. First ECU with built-in scope, that can show not only triggers & outputs, but also current engine angle interpreted by the ECU and any intermediate calculation value – e1280s, May 2009
  8. RX8 plugin ECU doing full control of fuel, ignition and control valves, e420c RX8 plugin, Sep 2009
  9. First ECU to offer MAP prediction – e1280s, May 2009, e420c, Aug 2009 – for excellent throttle response even with poorly placed MAP sensors
  10. First ECU to do full control of Ralliart Colt, retaining factory ECU drive by wire – e420c, Nov 2009
  11. First ECU to do dual drive by wire – e1280s, Feb 2010

In addition, Adaptronic was awarded a Highly Commended award in the NSW divisional Engineering Excellence Awards, run by Engineers Australia, in 2009, for the e1280s Super ECU.

Adaptronic also earned a finalist position in the Best Application of Field Programmable Logic in the Electronic Design News Innovation Awards in 2009.

Adaptronic Philosophy

This is what Adaptronic stands for:

  1. Using factory sensors and systems where appropriate but leaving the option open to upgrade. Fundamentally, the OEM engineers have much more resources at their disposal than the average car modifier or tuner, and so you must expect that while OEMs sometimes design systems down to a cost, the more modifications you make, the less reliable the system becomes, the more difficult it becomes to support and the more custom components are required. Therefore we always aim to use existing factory sensors, especially cam and crank angle sensors.
  2. Proper setup. If the maps look wrong, it’s an indication that the setup isn’t done correctly. Once the setup is done correctly, this greatly simplifies the tuning process. Thus we are always aiming to improve the engine characterisation to avoid kludges, work arounds and trims.
  3. Being driven by the sensors. The data are all there to help you. All current model Adaptronic ECUs have a headphone socket for the tuner to listen for knocking, and interfacing with wideband O2 sensors is always recommended. Most EFI setup problems can be diagnosed from log files.