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Eugene Revision History

Version 2.01

Released 2018-May-17

  • Minor UI fixes.
  • Added Purge valve function.
  • New firmware 0.245 (see related document for changes).

Version 2.00
Released 2018-May-15

  • Added support for RX8 Traction control.
  • Added more transient ignition functions.
  • Added Update button to alert user of new SW/FW updates. Will flash when an update is available. If not flashing, clicking it will force a chack update.
  • Finished Themes development - added light theme (Eugene Light Blue).
  • Added slider to change gauge frequency (Default = 20Hz), found in software settings.
  • Added font and object scaling sliders - temporary fix to 4K problem, also found in software settings.
  • Removed obsolete buttons and options. Also, Engine tab has been removed and placed in both Inputs and Outputs tabs
  • Added checkbox to automatically create CSVs for extracted internal logs.
  • Fixed opening of ECU file from ALG file function in main menu.
  • Fixed AE flag yet again.
  • Added shortcut to change unit from text maps. Will appear when applicable if user right clicks in column or row header.
  • New EugeneUpdater - support for new website and Eugene update prompter.
  • New UpdateKicker.exe - needed for new update prompt system to work.
  • New firmware 0.243 (see related document for changes).

*NOTE: This update renders Eugene 1.99 and below obsolete. It's recommended you uninstall Eugene, and reinstall with the new installer available here.

Version 1.99
Released 2018-Apr-24

  • New calc.dll - Added channels.
  • Removed dependence on AdapComm.dll, allows for better diagnostics - added comms diag mode.
  • Fixed copy pasting function on reversed 3d table axes.
  • Fixed injector search function AV.
  • 3d Tables are context sensitive now, reversing an axis is not global anymore.
  • Yet again - fixed acceleration enrichment flag.
  • Revamped log converter, now supports internal logs.
  • New updater (2.28), improved functionality.
  • New logviewer, fixed error when opening Select logfiles.
  • Make sure to update to the latest firmware!
  • New firmware 0.237 (see related document for changes).

Version 1.97
Released 2018-Mar-23

  • New calc.dll and Adapcomm.dll - added support for new RX8 board, cruise control, igntion transient correction.
  • Internal Logging OPEN BETA. Just go to Software Settings -> Misc and enable beta features.
  • Fixed acceleration flag being too sensitive.
  • Fixed Eugene getting unresponsive when dialling a MAP-related setting to min/max using alternate MAP units.
  • Added Transient Ignition Correction.
  • Fixed incorrect period offset firing order output for 2 stroke engines.
  • M1200 now supports > 4 INJ/IGN outputs.
  • Make sure to update to the latest firmware!
  • New firmware 0.225 (see related document for changes).
  • New logviewer, improved support for internal logs.

Version 1.96
Released 2018-Mar-12

  • New calc.dll and Adapcomm.dll - added new injectors and internal logging extraction method.
  • New triggers.
  • Reduced sensitivity of acceleration enrichment flag by 50%.
  • New EugeneUpdater v2.24 - less likely to trigger antivirus false positives, added more progress indicators.
  • New firmware 0.220 (see related document for changes).

Version 1.94
Released 2018-Feb-28

  • Added acceleration enrichment and map prediction indicators to bottom panel.
  • New logviewer - fixed flags window.
  • New firmware 0.214 (see related document for changes).

Version 1.93
Released 2018-Feb-22

  • Added easy way to select print layout and does not print to default printer all the time anymore (Saving to PDF comes in mind here).
  • Increased print scale of connector, added black rectangle around pin to create table effect.
  • Changed channel selection method of internal logs (closed beta).
  • New adapcomm.dll to accomodate internal logging changes (closed beta).
  • Added flashing indicators for Simulation and logging.
  • Added GaugeArt CAN output.
  • Fixed some DBW learning/scaling bugs.
  • Modular firmware 0.212 (see related document for changes).

Version 1.90
Released 2018-Jan-30

  • Fixed slow comms/ECU data corruption.

Version 1.88
Released 2018-Jan-15

  • New calc.dll.
  • New firmware 0.205, please see firmware changelog.
  • Fixed transient acceleration load scaling.
  • Added ability to change visual themes (beta).
  • Fixed RX8 CAN immobilizer gauges.
  • Happy New Year!

Version 1.86

Released 2017-Dec-24

  • New calc.dll.
  • New firmware 0.194, please see firmware changelog.
  • Added more trigger settings, temp calibration presets.

Version 1.85
Released 2017-Dec-05

  • New calc.dll.
  • New firmware 0.189, please see firmware changelog.
  • Fixed function menu titlebar bug for UI scaling above 100%.
  • Added option to disable UI Scaling (under Software Settings - Misc).
  • Added shortcut to load parameter functions to text maps.
  • Added shortcut to period offset functions from triggering "tab".
  • Added foundations for INTERNAL LOGGING - available soon!

Version 1.84
Released 2017-Nov-24
  • New calc.dll - fixed certain live strings.
  • New firmware 0.185, please see firmware changelog.
  • Added air shifter function.
  • Fixed aux out offset issue for switched ECUs (eMod003, eMod005).
  • Added foundation for per control captions.
  • Added gauge for live RX8 Immobilizer code.
  • String fixes for certain controls.
  • Changed Eugene update button function, now does a force update.
  • New EugeneUpdater version, can now force update even on Auto mode.

Version 1.83
Released 2017-Nov-11
  • New adapcomm.dll - fixed M1200 firmware flashing.
  • New firmware 0.181.
  • Added new CAN modes (Lotus, RX8 and OBD), and control functionality and descriptions fixed.
  • Fixed 1JZ and 2JZ injector profile descriptions.
  • Fixed alternate pin selection not showing for Nissan 76 pin.
  • Added ability to set minmax values for multichannel livelog plots.
  • Firing order description in incorrect order if period offset values are entered manually now fixed.
  • Recategorized Switched Inputs selection in main menu.
  • More intuitive 3D/2D table axis setup.
  • Fixed gauges not applicable to M1200 ECUs showing up.

Version 1.81
Released 2017-Oct-30
  • Fixed not being able to add negative values into idle ignition table x-axis.
  • Added closed loop fuel delay.
  • New firmware 0.174

Version 1.80
Released 2017-Oct-27
  • New firmware - Modular_0.173
  • New calc.dll and AdapComm.dll
  • Fixed flat shift and strain gauge UI conditions
  • Added new trigger presets (check firmware changelog).
  • Added new help page for Serial pinout.
  • More accurate M2000 and M6000 wiring PDF.

Version 1.78
Released 2017-Oct-10
  • New firmware - Modular_0.162
  • More UI fixes, ie. 4k res support for the majority of UI elements (Gauges, 3D and 2D graphs) - beta.
  • Changed analogue gauge font to standard, should fix intermittent label text disappearing.
  • Fixed Custom Page workspace not saving and displaying correctly.
  • Added support for Analogue strain gauge.
  • Added support for Launch Control external source (ie. Potentiometer).
  • Added Adaptronic CAN mode options and functions.variable knock sensitivity and variable knock headphone voltage.
  • Added support for Mitsubishi triggers (4G69). - not implemented as of firmware 0.162.
  • Fixed Switched Input functions, labels, and UI placement.

Version 1.77
Released 2017-Sep-29
  • Minor UI fixes, added missing shortcuts.
  • Fixed menu shortcut keys.

Version 1.74
Released 2017-Aug-24
  • New firmware - Modular_0.148
  • New calc.dll - Enabled support for Evo 4-8 plugin.
  • Added EVO 4-8 wiring diagram.
  • New, more accurate M6000 pinout image.
  • Added Adaptronic CAN mode options and functions.
  • Added Adaptronic CAN mode channel config window.
  • Fixed Fuel Settings page for dual bank setups,
  • Updated Modular basemap, improved folder structure.
  • Eugene update 2.1, with manual update option, also less frequent update checks.
  • Fixed alternate pinout option not showing for S15 plugins.
  • Fixed Modular Wiring page pins getting clipped in high resolution monitors.
  • Fixed Target Boost values in closed loop boost mode.
  • Fixed Injector off-time in VE stage scaling.

Version 1.71
Released 2017-Aug-11
  • New firmware - Modular_0.145
  • Fixed M6000 Wiring diagram pinout (swapped).
  • Fixed CAN Rate bits.
  • M6000 and M2000 pinout image pin numbers added.

Version 1.70
Released 2017-Aug-08
  • New firmware - Modular_0.141.adf
  • Added Flex Fuel Sensor as an option in Fuel Temp sensor type.
  • Added CAN functions (not yet implemented, will be enabled with a future firmware update).
  • Fixed load parameter in Staged injection maps when TPS is selected as fuel map load.
  • Improved images for the rest of the wiring diagrams (Nissan and Mazda).

Version 1.68
Released 2017-Jul-20
  • New firmware - Modular_0.136.adf
  • Corrected NB8B VVT Vehicle ID label in F10 window (now NB8C)
  • Save file dialog box will now jump to default rather than the last folder accessed.
  • Automatic Trigger Voltage checkbox now visible even in custom trigger modes.
  • Improved images for M2000, M6000, and M1200 wiring diagrams.
  • Fixed graph for Select Injector tester.

Version 1.66
Released 2017-Jul-14
  • new software updater (EugeneUpdater.exe) so individual files in the installation directory will be updated in real-time. It runs in the background proces separate from Eugene's main thread. By default , it starts up with Windows. Note: some antivirus programs may detect it as "malicious". Just add EugeneUpdater.exe to the exception list.
  • default installation directory is moved from C:\Program Files\Adaptronic Engine Management to C:\Adaptronic Engine Management
  • new file format for saving gauge pages (.XML) -- .AGP files can still be loaded, but saving is always set to .XML
  • New firmware - Modular_0.133.adf
  • Multi-channel live log
  • added AEM UEGO serial input
  • Fixed cross-hair in Predicated MAP table
  • Updated min / max limits on tables

Version 1.64
Released 2017-Jun-30
  • Fixed FW version display after re-flashing
  • New firmware - Modular_0.129.adf
  • New injector models added - Moran 2500 and ID1050x
  • added AEM UEGO in Serial input selection
  • fixed Digital input function for Launch control
  • centralized play back control for built-in scope and logs. In the built-in scope, click on the "Playback" tickbox to view the playback controls
  • updated Help files (Note: files are downloaded separately by Eugene. Click "Update Eugene" in Home tab menu to check for help file updates)

Version 1.62
Released 2017-Jun-16
  • New firmware - Modular_0.121.adf
  • added new MOP options and open loop functions
  • new Digital input function - RX8 MOP Switch
  • fixed Output override bug in F11 window
  • fixed hint text for Mitsubishi EVO ignition and injector output based on firing order

Version 1.61
Released 2017-Jun-09
  • added Log playback function (Logging -> Log Playback). This is still in beta version and not linked to Adaptronic Log Viewer
  • improvement in Help file auto update algorithm
  • fixed List "out of bounds" error
  • New firmware - Modular_0.119.adf
  • fixed non-biased temperature calibration tables
  • added Mazda RX7 S4, NB8A and NB8B pinout diagrams
  • added M1200 pinout and wiring diagram
  • added live variable descriptions in Aux output window, CSV log setup, etc.
  • added voltage tolerance option for gear detection (Inputs -> Gear Detection)

Version 1.58
Released 2017-Jun-02
  • Added auto-update for Help files
  • New firmware - Modular_0.116.adf
  • Added Turbo speed input (Inputs -> Analogue Inputs -> Other)
  • Added built-in scope record and playback function
  • Added wiring diagram for Mazda RX8 S1
  • Fixed load live variable for Fuel and ignition map 2

Version 1.57
Released 2017-May-29
  • Added fix tool for 4K monitor display (FIX_Eugene_4K_Display.bat)
  • Removed manifest file that affects performance in Windows XP & 7 (introduced in 1.54)
  • Revert to earlier settings editor user interface (performance improvement)
  • Added fixes for tables's axis labels
  • bug fix on F11 ECU data window
  • fixed bug on F2 gauge display when resizing the window

Version 1.54
Released 2017-May-23
  • New firmware - Modular_0.115.adf
  • New settings editor user interface
  • Injector models added
  • More interpreted flag bits in CSV logs (i.e. FLAG_L, FLAG_H, Digital Inputs)
  • Additional channel scaling for built-in scope. More stable waveform captures
  • Added air temp DC corretion table for closed loop boost
  • Bug fix on 2D tables - inserting new column
  • New firmware - Adaptronic_Select_V15.021.adf
  • Injector off-time in VE stage (Outputs -> Injection -> Advanced Injector settings)
  • fixed MVSS/SVSS scaling in CSV logs

Version 1.53
Released 2017-May-5
  • Firmware update v. 0.110
  • Added Knock FFT (Inputs -> Knock)
  • Added MGP tuning mode for fuel, ignition maps, injector staging, target lambda
  • Added minimum effective pulsewidth and minimum fuel volume for injector outputs (Outputs -> Injection -> Injector Type)
  • Updated built-in scope for trigger stability
  • Updated ECU data window (added Cut Reasons boolean display and Digital input functions)
  • Added access for Cranking Ignition timing under Tuning - Ignition
  • Millisecond mode option for cranking (Tuning - Fuel -> Fuel map 1 settings -> VE Mode -> Force VE off)

Version 1.52

Released 2017-Apr-17

  • Updated interface for "Search Function" window
  • Updated Idle Ignition timing table access under Tuning - Air -> Idle Settings -> Closed loop control. Idle Ignition Timing table is also accessible in Tuning -Ignition -> Ignition maps if "Use separate ignition map at idle" in Closed loop control is selected and using actual RPM in X-axis

Version 1.50
Released 2017-Apr-10

  • Locked/Unlocked option for configuration windows in Custom page view
  • fixed 2D graph display when X-axis is "Generic" data type (e.g. Idle Ignition Timing table)
  • updated Boost mode setting options
  • added "Default" source for MOP inputs
  • fixed TPS threshold sensitivity scaling to conform with FW (i.e. 100 -> 10). May need to update tables

Version 1.48

Released 2017-Mar-15

  • updated AdapComm.dll
  • added new shortcut for table data manipulation: Shift + + (increase value); Shift + - (decrease value)
  • automatically clip "copy" region when pasting into a smaller "paste" region in tables
  • added new live data display control: Text gauge list
  • added Checklight descriptions in CSV log
  • updated Live data addresses for Modules in ECU Data window (press F11 to access the window)
  • added preloaded scope settings (Triggering)
  • fixed O2 sensor calibration display window
  • fixed TPS scaling on tables with MAP/EMAP/TPS axis option (e.g. Target Lambda, Individual corrections, spark split, VVT Angles)

Version 1.47
Released 2017-Mar-01

  • improvements and bug fixes
  • Updated CALC.dll file
  • fixed Launch Control and Drag-style antilag settings

Version 1.46

Released 2017-Feb-22

  • improvements and bug fixes
  • added minimum Leanout duration setting (Functions -> Engine Protection | Rev Limit -> Leanout Margin)
  • added "Learn All' button for wheel speed sensor calibration

Version 1.45

Released 2017-Feb-16

  • updated Adaptronic Log Viewer
  • fixed invalid characters in context popup menus in dialog boxes
  • added Update Eugene access in Home menu. Also displays software download progress

  • added Drive-by-Wire Automated Test tool (only if DBW module is available)
  • added Ignition Test tool (ECU Data -> Injector | Ignition Test)
  • edit 2D table values by clicking and dragging the mouse over the graph
  • added "Learn All" button for Wheel speed calibration
  • fixed Ignition master trim setting display

Version 1.42
Released 2017-Feb-08
  • updated AdapComm.dll for improved synchronization of settings in the ECU
  • access to Debug window in Home menu (and other tools)
  • easier access to axis editor for tables. Double-click on the axis to call the editor
  • fixed cut reason display in CSV logs
  • improved CSV log channel selection. Fully customizable - default channels can be ignored
  • fixed Trigger filter time tables for CAS 4/5
  • removed "Flag" type variables in Aux output function selection
  • added Digital input switches in Simulator
  • fixed Quick spool option in Boost control. Added Quick spool offset setting
  • improved Trigger wizard
  • fixed bug in Closed loop Idle extra efforts and dashpot