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Legacy Software Revision History

August 23, 2016 -- V15.000

  • Changed 3D bosot behaviour so in gear/ digital input mode it doesn't clip by boost Dc / gear separately
  • Added support for Innovate PSB (only looks at lambda)
  • Changed Nissan 6 cylinder COP trigger modes so they can accept CAS at full advance, ie first number is 0 upwards instead of 105 (ie < 120)
  • Allowed Gen 4 PLX inputs
  • Fixed motec oil / fuel pressure outputs > 409.5 kPa
  • Changed closed throttle calculation so it does truncate instead of round, also added filter for short periods of not-closed readings (10 main loop cycles). Improved Idle flag display in SW (was jumping before even though ECU was in closed loop the whole time)
  • Added ethanol content on Fuel Used (92), changed effective pulse width to secondary pulse width, changed injector duty cycle to average of primary and secondary injector duty cycle on Motec output
  • Added fuel / oil pressure for Motec output
  • Startup / main loop bug found by Shawn C
  • Serial output Motec bug fix
  • Fixed ignition offset bug
  • Fixed predicted MAP bug above 8000 RPM
  • Fixed ignition 4 bug when firing on DF mode, but in wasted spark (due to no cam trigger on 4 cylinder)
  • Changed min MAP for protection to 120 kPa
  • Added Chrysler Voyager trigger (as Subaru 99 but with 6 cylinders)
  • Added cam sensor timing gap to support other intervals
  • Added time based flat shift
  • Added 3D boost to still allow clipping by gear / digital input / etc
  • 3D boost open loop map
  • Added checksum on SPI output (58 + all other bytes)
  • Added option so PWM, 0%/0% TPS on digital output does R34GTR TPS output
  • Changed SPI output for SRT4 for different pinout on vehicle board, more robust comms
  • Changed trigger edge detection so that the edge sensitivities follow the inputs when swapped in Nissan modes where it automatically swaps the inputs (COP4 and COP6)
  • New production test version with LED time change, plus change comms timeouts on serial mode / e420c

June 12, 2015 -- V14.000

  • Increase current output on injector drive (will have the effect of reducing the deadtime so people upgrading from V12 or 13 will need to recheck their tune).
  • Added compatibility with NTK AFRM on 0-5V input, and AEM on narrowband input with external voltage divider
  • Added imperial unit output for Race Technology dashes
  • Added enrichment persistence on transient throttle correction and made throttle change detection more sensitive
  • Added output for SRT4 dash
  • Added option to close idle valve when engine is on boost (for 1JZ VVTI engines)
  • Added variable dwell time
  • Added support for manual staging when injector sizes have been entered (VE mode or not)

October 27, 2014 -- V13.000

  • Added triggers for Rover Mini, Dodge SRT4, and crank-only trigger for LS1
  • Added ethanol percentage output on Race Technology output
  • Added specific rotary timing lock check for rotaries (leading @ 5°ATDC, 20°ATDC)
  • Added linear idle effort vs alternator load for NB MX5 / Miata
  • Added gentle pulsing of thermofan for less sudden electrical load for NB MX5 / Miata
  • Changed 3-level injector staging for wire-in ECUs so it behaves the same as on the RX8 plug-in
  • Added readback / verify for communications writes to fix map and boost control errors