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Dear Adaptronic Customers,

Adaptronic has been a part of the Performance Automotive aftermarket for 15 years and in that time we have been involved in some amazing builds, set world records, and brought first-rate electronics to the marketplace.

It is with great sadness that after almost 4 years of successful operation under Haltech ownership, we have decided to wrap up official business operations of the Adaptronic brand as of 15.05.2022, this decision has been made in part due to the global electronic component shortage and in part due to the ongoing technology transfer between Adaptronic and Haltech brands. For both Adaptronic and Haltech, Performance and Racing is our passion, it's part of who we are - it is our DNA. This next evolution in our journey will further strengthen and embolden that passion. 

"Since coming to Haltech in 2018, many of Adaptronic’s technologies have made their way into new and existing Haltech products, greatly improving the communications speed, usability, automatic updates, and many other internal things users don’t see. I’m really glad to have integrated Adaptronic DNA into Haltech DNA. We have pushed forward with products having aspects of the best of both brands, especially the Nexus R5 and the PD16, the benefits of which have also been made available to Elite users. Haltech’s IP has also made its way into Adaptronic products, in the form of internal wideband controllers, and support for Haltech accessories like widebands and EGT sensors. Ultimately I don’t have an ego in this; I don’t mind which brand name is on the product sticker, I just care that I’m making awesome products to help fellow car enthusiasts.

I want to thank the Adaptronic customers, many of whom have now embraced the Haltech brand after seeing the best parts of Adaptronic integrated into Haltech’s products. I also want to thank the Adaptronic team for their help with Adaptronic, but also for what they’ve been able to do at Haltech for our new products. And of course, a huge thank you to Mark Bevan and the Haltech Management team for the opportunity to work together and to do great things. This move may look like the end of an era, but I prefer to see it as the start of a new one. I am looking forward to leveraging the resources and opportunities that exist within the Haltech structure" -Andy Wyatt, Founder of Adaptronic.

All Adaptronic staff have already been integrated into the Haltech family, with product support and warranty still being available to existing Adaptronic customers for a period of 12 months. For warranty and support please email tech@adaptronic.com.au and the team will be there to service your requirements.

To every customer who purchased Adaptronic products, supported our business, and with whom we became personal friends, we say "thank you". It has been an incredible ride and can we encourage you to continue to support Andy, Mark, Tsikoy, Larry, Frank, and all of the Adaptronic team by supporting us in this next chapter as we move into bigger and better roles within Haltech